Project Rusty

Unsealed 4X4 Garage - Project Rusty: Steering Damper Install


This month Mad Matt tackles a small but important job on the steering on old Rusty. With a live axle 4WD you can get a lot of vibrations and oscillations through the steering wheel; even moreso when off-road. On top of this we’ll also be running some larger 35in Toyo tyres soon. Fitting larger wheels and tyres can lead to an increase in vibrations and – in extreme cases – can lead to a phenomenon known as ‘death wobbles’. Fitting a steering damper will help to reduce vibrations and oscillations, thereby reducing driver fatigue and increasing steering safety. Looking at the existing steering damper on Rusty, it’s definitely seen better days. So we’re going to be better off replacing it. Of course, nothing gets improved without a bit of hard work… and with Rusty being an ex-mines vehicle there was plenty of work to get the old damper off. But with a bit of gentle persuasion the buggered old unit was off and the shiny new OME one got fitted up.

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