Project Rusty

Unsealed 4X4 Garage - Project Rusty - The Finishing Touches


Well, the end is nearly in sight for Project Rusty – having just got it road registered and off-road for a shakedown trip. But it still needed something. Sure it has a nice twin 3” exhaust, and quality barwork and suspension; but it just wasn’t feeling like home yet, if you get what we mean. For starters the team at Inland Australia set about knocking up some custom trim panels wrapped in neoprene, which look sensational. The next piece of the puzzle was to install some seat covers from Inland Australia. These will protect the custom Recaro seats we’ve fitted while off-road, as we want to look after those bad boys. Because the Inland Australia team were so keen, they even offered to fit the seat covers at the Sydney 4WD Adventure Show at Eastern Creek. Right on our stand! You can’t beat that for commitment.

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