Project Rusty

Unsealed 4X4 Garage - Drivetech 4X4 Project Rusty Mechanical Makeover


Unsealed 4X4 Garage and Project Rusty are kicking along nicely. The next phase in the Garage itself is the installation of a Molnar hoist. Given that we’re looking to be underneath the 76 Series LandCruiser a fair bit, we thought we’d have a chat to the team at Molnar Hoists to see what they’d recommend – and they pointed us towards their 4.5T two-post M245 High Hoist. Project Rusty needs some loving as well, but before we get too far we’ve asked Drivetech 4X4 to come into the garage and give her the once-over. Think of this as a post-purchase check-up with some expert advice. We’re going to run over the vehicle from front to back – checking for oil leaks in the engine, gearbox, transfer case and differentials. We’ll look at the coolant levels; check all the hoses and belts, the steering components and the braking system. Pretty much a full service to ensure we know what we’ve got on our hands mechanically.

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